Facebook Applications for Business

With over 800 Million users you may be wondering how you can get noticed on Facebook. It’s easier that you might think. Facebook offers businesses many different ways to engage with new and current customers that can be customised for your business. Here at Jinga Social, we know that one of the most powerful tools offered is Facebook Applications.

She Chocolat Facebook Apps

What are Facebook Applications? Simply put, they sit on your business page and enable people viewing the page to interact with you, your brand and your products more easily. They really are an essential element in your Social Media Marketing campaign. With Facebook applications you can:

  • Gain More “Likes”
  • Show a gallery of your products
  • Invite people to enter a competition
  • Build your email marketing database
  • Display an interactive map of your business location
  • Show a feed of your other Social Media outlets.
  • Allow new and existing customers to contact you directly
  • Showcase a new product launch
  • Display a gallery of your weekly specials
  • Highlight special promotions or seasonal events


That’s just a short list of the most popular uses, but really the possibilities are limited only by your imagination, creativity and business goals. Talk to the Jinga Social team today about how we can design, create and install a Facebook Application on your business page.

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