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Is Facebook still important? | Jinga Social Chch

Is Facebook still important for your business?

Liz Benny here…. I’m about to have a rant about Facebook… which will provide you value if you read it. This whole blog is about why Facebook is still important and NOW MORE powerful for marketing than it’s ever been. Here’s four reasons… 1. There is no other marketing platform available where you are able […]

What to post on Facebook | Jinga Social Chch

What to post on Facebook

Having a Facebook page for your business is a great idea. In fact, in this day and age it’s an essential part of your marketing mix. The question remains though: What to post on Facebook? So, I just wanted to let you know about the unwritten ‘rules’ of Facebook posting to a business page. It’s really […]

What are Hashtags? | Jinga Social NZ

What are hashtags?

There’s a lot of buzz around the place right now about Hashtags – and it seems like a love/hate relationship with some people. The truth is that hashtags, along with the fact that you can use hashtags on Facebook, are a very powerful way of drawing people and potential customers to your business page. So… […]

What is Pinterest for business | Jinga Social NZ

What is Pinterest all about?

What is Pinterest? If you’re a business owner, you may just want to read on. Pinterest is an online pin board or scrapbook which was launched in 2010 and has proven itself to be a HUGE hit… especially with the female demographic who account for over 60% of users. It is one of the fastest […]

Great Facebook Posts | Jinga Social

Social Media Tips 2: What To Post

So once you’ve got your Social Media pages set up, the next thing is: What to post? Of course that is going to be very specific to your brand, your image AND importantly, who YOU are. So let’s go through a few social media tips that’ll make it easier for you to find your own […]

Get more likes | Get more shares | Jinga Social

Social Media Tips 1: Getting More Likes and Shares

We’re on a mission to constantly add some great facebook business tips that you can use in your social media campaigns – so here’s the first of many! Here’s some of our suggestions for getting more likes and shares on your social media business pages. You may not totally ‘get it’ yet, but Social Media […]

Jinga Social explains - What is social media

What is Social Media?

Wow, we get asked the question “What is social media?” a lot, so obviously it’s important! The next biggest question would be: How should I use Social Media for my business? Let’s just get down to basics and cover the first one here because the second question deserves a post (many posts) of it’s own. […]