Bottom line: Every business is different. We understand that, even if in the same industry,¬†every business has different goals with different people managing them. With that said, there’s no place in Social Media for “cookie-cutter” solutions to these problems. What’s needed is a thorough understanding of each business, how it works, where it is and where it needs to go.

That’s why the team at Jinga Social create a tailored Social Media Strategy for each and every business we speak to. You see, Social Media is not just limited to Facebook and Twitter. On top of that there are too many ways to market yourself even on Facebook alone to mention here! With that in mind, after fully understanding what you want to achieve by your Social Media Marketing, we’ll create a strategic plan to assist you in getting what you want.

We can even create a strategy centred around how much time you’re able to commit to managing your Social Media campaign. You may be interested in our tiered Social Media Management options, or if you’re willing to take a more hands-on approach we can offer Social Media Training and Consulting services so that you can learn how to do it yourself.

Talk to the team at Jinga Social today and find out more about the growing world of Social Media and how you can harness that to find more customers and turn them into raving fans of YOUR brand.

Social Media Success Story - She Chocolat


She Chocolat is a fast expanding business based in New Zealand. Their chocolate and cafe business lends itself to functions such as business events and weddings too. With such a broad potential for promotion and interaction, the She Chocolat team came to Jinga looking to accomplish a number of things.

  • Broaden their customer base by building brand awareness.
  • Increase sales for chocolate and cooking schools.
  • Encourage visits to their cafe with engaging images.
  • Promote their availability as a venue for events.

After meeting with the She Chocolat team, Jinga came up with a strategy that enabled all this using Facebook apps, a structured and strategic weekly posting plan and combining a number of Facebook Pages and Places into one single entity. Since then, She’s “likes” have grown to over 3,000 and continues to rise daily. Additionally, the business more than doubled their Easter Egg sales in 2013 than from the previous year.

She Chocolat | Facebook App | Jinga Social
The Jinga team have integrity and really care about our business as if it's their own. I've been able to let go of my social media marketing as the Jinga Team really know what they're doing.
Declan Scott
- She Chocolat

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